What are the Three Different Types of Power Agreements

We have been using power for a couple of years already and because of it, we can do a lot of things. It helps us do our chores in your house and works in both school and office, without it, accomplishing tasks would be extremely difficult.  Although one of the most important things is to know the different factors that you need in order to know the best power supplier, it is also important to know first the different types of power agreements.
Listed below are the three types of power agreements:

1.    Spot Price – If you don’t have enough money to buy get an expensive electricity or power, then here is the solution for you. We all know that there are lots of power companies, which is why you have to choose the power company that has an agreement where they base their price at the spot price that comes from the power exchange.  With this agreement, you can pay less.
2.    Variable Price – If you want to use most power during daytime then you must choose a power company that has purchase price agreement. You will have to pay a bit more than the spot price agreement.
3.    Fixed Price – This is the most common agreement, you will buy the current at a fixed price and that will be stabled all throughout the year. If you want predictability and control of expenses, then this is the right agreement for you.

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